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Squidbus wellies

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Squidbus wellies

The Splashy Bus wellies are the perfect companion for jumping in the puddles. Just you wait for the magic to happen when the wellies change colour in the rain you will be up for a surprise! Easy to pull on plastic wellies, with a cotton lining for extra comfort and finished with different coloured trims.


Exterior 100% plastic. Lining 100% cotton

Care Information:

Wellies need to be dry before put away
Washing Instructions: Wipe clean

Size Information:

  • Weight: 480gram

Available sizes:

  • Size: 2-3 years old
    UK/European Size: 24
    Height: 17.5cm

  • Size: 3-4 years old
    UK/European Size: 26
    Height: 18.5cm

  • Size: 4-5 years old
    UK/European Size: 28
    Height: 19.5cm

  • Size: 5-6 years old
    UK/European Size: 28
    Height: 20.5cm

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